Thursday, December 6, 2007

Making Your Home a Haven : Day 1 (& 2) Update

Ok, so yesterday I followed Crystal's challenges for day 1 & 2 (Monday and Tuesday). Creating my morning routine is something that I have needed to do!

Our entry way is pretty bare right now. I haven't decorated it at all - just painted the walls. I was thinking "Oh, this should be easy, there is nothing in there, and it is pretty clean." WRONG! I had no idea how disgusting the baseboards were! I swept, mopped, picked up things out of place, cleaned the baseboards, and wiped down the front door inside and out (the rag was black from all the nastiness).

Here are before pictures of our entry way: The first one is as if you are walking in to our house. The second is as if you are looking at the front door to walk out.

So here are the after pictures:

Next, I moved on to the entry way closet.... I didn't realize how out of control and messy it was! All of the vacuum accessories were just thrown in there, there was all types of junk on the top shelf and I don't think I had ever cleaned the floor since we moved in! (Confession: I didn't even realize there was tile in there until yesterday!)

So here is the before and after pictures:

Here is my living room before and after also:

The living room was pretty clean, but it needed a vacuum, put things in the right place, and a quick dust. I also added a nativity set that I found at the thrift store to the coffee table. I am not big on overly Christmas (like Santa...) decorations. I like to keep it simple, but was having a hard time finding something I liked. I saw this at the thrift store and fell in love! It is so simple and reflects the true meaning of Christmas! Here is a picture of my wonderful $5.99 find!

So, that is it for yesterday's challenge... on to today's!

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